Fujitsu FeRAM MB97R8110 Solutions: E-paper Tags

Fujitsu FeRAM MB97R8110 for E-paper Tags

FRAM RFID LSI Embedded E-Paper Tag, or E-ink Labels, Electronic Labels

1. Product overview

  • 2.9-inch electronic paper (non-volatile display) panel.
    • Completely battery-less UHF band RFID Tag.
    • Control E-Paper panel by UHF reader/writer commands with an EPC Global C1G2 compliant communication protocol.

2. Features

  • Completely battery-less drive eliminates the need for maintenance such as battery replacement.
    • The display panel is 2.9 inches (66.9 mm x 29.06 mm), 296 x 128 dots. Monochrome 2- gradation display is possible.
    • The display can be rewritten without contact communication from the reader/writer.
    • Full screen rewriting and partial rewriting are possible.

3. Specifications

Product No.D2200A-F
External dimensions103×46×6.41mmRFID ICMB97R8110
Weightapproximate  35gCommunication protocolEPCglobal Class1 Generation2
Screen size2.9 inch (296×128dot)Carrier frequency860~960 MHz
Operation temperature0~+40℃(Image rewriting)User memory61,440bit
Operating humidity~85% (No condensation)EPC lengthUp to 480 bits
Waterproof and dustproofIP 54 Rewriting distance (27dBm.eirp)20cm *
Impact resistanceIK 3Communication distance (27dBm.eirp)ID read 80cm *
Case materialPC+APSAuthenticationCE(EU)、FCC(USA) ISDE(CANADA)
Surface cover Scratch strengthSurface cover material:acrylic Scratch strength:4HControlled substancesRoHS、REACH、China RoHS、WEEE
* Note) The communication distance and rewriting distance will change depending on the RW output power, communication environment, temperature, etc. It is not a guaranteed value.

4. System contructure

MB97R8110 Solutions: Electronic labels, E-tags, E-papers tags,
E-paper Tag System Constructure

5. Application

E-paper Tag Usage: Logistics, Engineering, Manufacture, Medical, Management, etc

Kingdom-tech is equipped with professional R&D team. We designed the E-paper tag together with Fujitsu team based MB97R8110. We can provide the MB97R8110 FeRAM memory, the E-paper tags solution and the E-paper tag unit. If you are insterested in any of it. Please contact us for more information.

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