What chips does Goodix produce, touch chips, fingerprint chips and IOT chips?

Goodix's main products include touch chips, fingerprint recognition chips, Bluetooth chips, etc. Let's take a look at the development of its fingerprint chips and the currently popular IOT chips.

Goodix’s main products include touch chips, fingerprint recognition chips, Bluetooth chips, etc. Today we’ll talk about the development of its fingerprint chips and the currently popular IOT chips.

As an IC design company, Goodix adopts the Fabless model, focusing on the design and development of chips, while outsourcing wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing to professional wafer foundry, packaging and testing manufacturers. The company’s products adopt a sales model combining direct sales and agency distribution, and sell products to module factories, solution providers and complete machine manufacturers.

At the beginning of its listing, Goodix Technology’s main business was engaged in the research and development of intelligent human-computer interaction technology, mainly providing capacitive touch screen chips and fingerprint recognition chips for smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablet computers to the market.

As early as 2004, Goodix Technology developed a landline phone chip. In 2006, based on the landline phone chip, the company developed a capacitive touch button chip. In 2007, the company started the research and development of capacitive screen touch chips, in 2009, it developed engineering samples, and in 2010, it realized small batch production and sales.

With the rapid development of smart terminal markets such as smartphones and tablet computers after 2011, the sales of the company’s capacitive screen touch chips have grown rapidly. In 2014, Goodix launched the fingerprint identification chip and gradually became the industry leader in fingerprint identification chips. This is also the result of the company’s business transformation

In addition to fingerprint products, Goodix is also researching IoT and actively deploying the Internet of Things. According to the IDC report, it is estimated that by 2025, the number of global IoT networked devices will reach 41.6 billion. my country’s new infrastructure investment led by 5G will further accelerate the development of the domestic Internet of Things market.

Rich application fields and huge market space are bound to create a good development “soil” for the upstream chip industry. In this regard, Goodix has deployed several IoT modules in recent years, including perception, processing, connection, and security. Among them, the Bluetooth LE chip is more worthy of attention.

Bluetooth LE chips can be widely used in mobile devices, wearable products and Internet of Things (IoT) products, such as smart bracelets and watches, Bluetooth mice, Bluetooth keyboards, active pens and other products, with low power consumption, small size, and low cost , and is compatible with most existing mobile phones, tablet PCs and computers. Compared with classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy aims to significantly reduce power consumption and cost while maintaining the same communication range; Goodix has a complete technical solutions.

Generally speaking, Goodix Technology has made great achievements in these two chips, and is still advancing in the field of fingerprint chips. Its IOT business will be the driving force for future growth, and it is worth looking forward to.

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