M26FB-03-BT Quectel Ultra Small 2G GSM GPRS LCC Module


M26FB-03-BT  Quectel 2G module GSM GPRS modules

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Quectel 2G Module, M26FB-03-BT is an ultra-small quad-band LCC-packaged GSM/GPRS module measuring just 15.8mm x 17.7mm x 2.3mm, maximizing the demand for small-size modules in end products, helping customers reduce product size and optimize products. cost.

The M26 is packaged in an easier-to-weld LCC package that enables rapid module production through standard SMT equipment, providing customers with a highly reliable connection that is ideal for modern, large-scale, low-cost production.

At the same time, the LCC package can also meet the requirements of manual soldering when the customer makes a small amount of production. With ultra-small size, ultra-low power consumption and an extended operating temperature range, the M26 is the ideal solution for M2M applications for automotive, wearable devices, industrial PDAs, personal tracking, wireless POS, smart metering and other M2M The application provides comprehensive SMS, data transmission and voice services.

M26FB-03-BT  Key Features

* Ultra small quad-band LCC type package GSM/GPRS module
* Standby current as low as 1.3mA
* Support audio function
* Support Bluetooth function
* Support remote remote upgrade technology QuecFOTATM

* Embedded network service protocol stack supporting multiple Sockets and IP addresses
* Simple product design to meet the rapid market demand of customers
M26 Quectel 2G module M26FB-03-BT
M26FB-03-BT Specification



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