Touch IC GA6876 10-point Capacitive Touch Controller for Automotive Solutions

Touch IC GA6876 is designed for up to 17” touch displays (pitch<5.5mm) in automotive electronics market.

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  1. Touch IC GA6876 Overview

GA6876 is designed for up to 17” touch displays (pitch<5.5mm) in automotive electronics market. It contains 52 transmitter channels and 63 receiver channels to provide real-time and accurate position authentication, movement track and touch area of 10 touch points. In addition, itfeatures with excellent noise immunity and supports functions such as thick cover, waterproof, gloves input, and touch keys

  1. Touch IC GA6876 Features

 Built-in capacitive sensing circuit and high-performance MPU

  •  AEC-Q100 Grade 2
  • IATF 16949
  • Report rate: finger touch, 250Hz(Max.)
  • High-voltage drive signal output, high SNR
  • Supports Mul-cap and Sel-cap detection
  • Outputs touch coordinates or capacitance test result in real time
  • Flash embedded, in-system reprogrammable
  • Unified software applicable to mutual capacitive touch sensors of various sizes

 Capacitive touch sensor

  •  Channels: 52Tx *63 Rx, 9 channels can be converted to each other, that is, the channels can be converted into 50T×65R/48T×67R/46T×69R/44T×71R/43T×72R
  • Capacitive touch sensor sizes: 17”
  • Supports PG/GG/GF2/GFF/OGS/Oncell displays
  • Supports AMOLED and LCD display and 11 touch keys
  • Supports thick cover
  • Supports glove input
  • Supports Hover function
  • Supports AD temperature detection function
  • Various GPIO ports: support backlight, PWM sound feedback and other function

 Smart wake-up

 Environmental adaptability

  •  Self-calibration during initialization
  • Operating temperature: -40℃~+105℃
  • Storage temperature: -60℃~+150℃
  • ESD: HBM 6kV

 Communication interface

  •  I 2C: 400KHz(Typ.), work as slave
  • Supports IIC Master interface
  • Lin: 20KHz(Typ.)
  • Supports 1.8V to 3.3V host interface voltage

 Power supply voltage:

  •  Power supply (Typ.): AVDD/DVDD1833:2.8V/3.0V/3.3V

 Package: 176PINS, LQFP_20×20 mm, pitch0.4mm

 Tools that support application development:

  •  Touch panel parameter detector and generator
  • Touch panel performance tester
  • Mass production test kit
  • Reference driver code and guidance files for host-side software development

3. Application

Touch IC GA6876 is mainly used for automotive electronics.

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