10 Point Capacitive Touch Controller GT9110


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GT9110, a new-generation single-chip 10-point capacitive touch solution designed for tablets, consists of

up to 42 Transmitter electrodes and 30 Receiver electrodes to provide higher accuracy and resolution.

GT9110 supports up to 10 concurrent touches with real-time tracking of accurate position and motion

trajectory as well as touch area. Furthermore, it is able to report such information to the host as required.


1> Built-in capacitive sensing circuit and high-performance MPU

Report rate: 100Hz

Outputs touch coordinates in real time

Unified software applicable to capacitive touch screens of various sizes

Single power supply, internal 1.8V LDO

Flash embedded; In-system reprogrammable

HotKnot integrated

2> Capacitive touch sensor

Channels: 42 (Tx channels)*30 (Rx channels)

Supports capacitive touch sensor sizes: 7” to 12.1″ (diagonal)

Supports touch key design on FPC

Supports ITO glass and ITO Film

Cover Lens thickness supported: 0.55mm ≦ Glass ≦ 2mm,

0.5mm ≦ PMMA ≦ 1.2mm

Adaptive frequency hopping

Supports OGS full lamination

3> HotKnot

Transmission rate:7.0Kbps(max)

Data frame maximum capacity:128 bytes

Applicable sensor types: OGS/conventional, GFF/GG/GF

4> Environmental adaptability

Self-calibration during initialization

Automatic drift compensation

Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃; humidity: ≦95%RH

Storage temperature: -60℃ to +125℃; humidity: ≦95%RH

5> Host interface

Standard I2C interface

Works in slave mode

Supports 1.8V to 3.3V host interface voltage

6> Response time

Green mode: <48ms

Sleep mode: <200ms

Initialization: <200ms

7> Power supply voltage:

Single supply: 2.8V to 3.3V

Power supply ripple: Vpp≦50mV

8> Package: 88 pins,10mm*10mm, QFN_0.4P

Tools that support application development:

Touch panel module parameter detector and generator

Touch panel performance tester

Mass production test kit

Reference driver code and documentary guide for host software development