Goodix Touch Chipset GT9110P


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  1. Overview

GT9110P is a new-generation single-chip 10-point capacitive touch solution designed for

tablet PCs, with 42 transmitter electrodes and 30 receiver electrodes to provide superior

touch accuracy.

Equipped with a capacitive stylus controller GT930 and a piezo-resistive pressure sensor,

GT9110P supports fine tip active stylus input, which greatly enriches the user experience.

  1. Features

 Built-in capacitive sensing circuit and high-performance MPU

 Report rate: 100Hz

 Supports 10 concurrent touches and outputs touch coordinates in real time

 Unified firmware applicable to touch panels of various sizes

 Single power supply, internal 1.8V LDO

 Flash embedded; In-system reprogrammable

 Touch screen sensor

 Channels:42 (Tx channels)* 30 (Rx channels)

 Capacitive touch screen size: 8.9” to 12.1” (diagonal)

 Supports both ITO glass and ITO Film

 Cover lens thickness requirement: 0.55mm≦Glass≦2mm


(For details, please refer to Sensor Design Guide.)

 Adaptive frequency hopping

 Environmental adaptability

 Self-calibration during initialization

 Automatic drift compensation

 Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃, humidity: ≦95%RH